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For Afie is a solo piano record, released on Excelsior Recordings in September 2023. These pieces were improvisations which I recorded as a gift for my sister/brother-in-law Bobbie & Mike when they were about to give birth to their daughter, Afie. The improvisations are based on the music I played for my wife Linn when she was in labor with our son, Cosmo. The original intention of the music was to help meditate and distract during the hours of childbirth.



Touki Delphine is a collective of musicians, visual artists and performers based in Amsterdam. Bo Koek, Rik Elstgeest, John van Oostrum and Chris Doyle make installations coupled with music; e.g. 'FIREBIRD' (2019) and 'RELAY a life electric' (2021), concert programs; 'Encyclopedie voor de Moderne Huisvrouw' (2018), and avant-garde music theater performances; 'Voyager One' (2017).


Meral Polat TRIO

The Meral Polat Trio formed in the Summer of 2020 with Frank Rosaly on drums, Chris Doyle on organ, guitar and piano, and Meral Polat singing, narrating, dancing and playing percussion. The power trio plays a mix of Meral's own music, music they've accompanied to the words of her father; a Kurdish poet, and music influenced by the songs and sounds of Turkey.



Sheila and the Kit is a Dutch Electro Synthpop band based in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Suzanne Kipping, Bo Koek, Chris Doyle and Ralf Pouw compose and perform the music. Their debut album 'YEAH' (2020) included two tracks that marked the beginning of their collaboration with producer Pieterjan Coppejans (Eefje de Visser et al.), with whom they're making a sophomore album expected to be released in 2023.



Tczeebo (pronounced chee-bō) is the long-standing collaboration of Aaron Rourk, Dave Palazola, and Chris Doyle. Based in Brooklyn, NY, their discography includes "Disturbing the Geese" (2012), "Everyone Likes Food" (2015), "THREEBO" (2018) and "TABLE MUSIC" (2021). Musically, Tczeebo carves out its own space in and around the nebulous categories of jazz and the avant-garde, creating lush experimental music of equal parts organized chaos and lawless composition.



SPACEBAR is a psychedelic skit show, in which Mars (Michael Wideburg) and Jupiter (Chris Doyle) are best buds who adventure together, explore dimensions and spend time at their local watering hole, the SPACEBAR. Episode One was released in 2016/17 and Episode Two will be released in 2022. Doyle and Wideburg write, direct, perform in, score and edit SPACEBAR.



Singer/songwriter and visual artist Katherine Perkins' music has elements of folk, indie, jazz, rhythm and blues, etc. A luscious combination of orchestral arrangements and subtle, honest compositions; the art is in the music and you can hear the paint hitting the canvas. Perkins previously led the group Rose Hips & Ships, whose epic double-album 'The Colors Now' was released in 2020. Since 2022 she has begun performing under her own name and the debut album of that configuration, "Being Younger" was released in June 2024.


Danny Fisher-LOCHHEAD

Danny Fisher-Lochhead is a composer, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist originally from New York, now living and working on the Maine coast. Fisher-Lochhead leads the Danny Fisher-Lochhead Large Ensemble, with which he has recorded two albums, and he composes for solo piano, small to large ensembles, and arranges horns and strings for other artists. Danny currently teaches Saxophone at the University of Maine's School of Performing Arts.



Eckhardt And The House is the project of producer, singer, drummer, dramatist and actor Rik Elstgeest. Elstgeest is a member of Touki Delphine, and formerly of Kopna Kopna, Alamo Race Track and Mass Electric among others, and alongside his work as Eckhardt he makes music for film and television. Eckhardt and the House is a large funk/pop ensemble, often upwards of 12 musicians onstage creating a cohesive, danceable and wholly unpredictable experience.

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